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Patient Testimonials

Hear how Lincare has helped real patients and their families:

Thank you to the Lincare staff 
"I wanted to send great kudos to Lincare's …. staff! What a great experience we have had with them. Our family needed to share how great, professional, kind, and helpful they all were to us. So impressive! They have provided outstanding customer service care!"

Thank you to Lincare for making patients aware of Medicare reimbursement cuts
"I want to thank Lincare for alerting us to Medicare cuts for home care products and services. Lincare's service has been a critical 'lifeline' for my husband in recent years. We thank you for your commitment to us and all Medicare beneficiaries."

Thank you to the Lincare staff 
"Congratulations on a wonderful staff in your ……… office. They are caring, helpful, and always willing to listen to my problems and advise me of a possible solution."

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Patient Stories

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Thank you to my local Lincare office
"There have been at least three times in the last couple of weeks when my son was in the midst of respiratory distress that could have resulted in emergency room visits or hospital stays. I want Lincare to know that your respiratory system has proven valuable to my son's care and well-being. We are so grateful that this equipment is right at his bedside. I just wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts. Thank you all."

Thank you to Bob at Lincare
"Without going through a lot of details regarding one of my CPAP re-supply orders… I knew there was an individual who could fix the problem – Bob. I had met Bob approx. a year ago when he came to my home to replace my CPAP machine. He was professional, meticulous and courteous. Quite simply, he embodied customer service. When the current problem arose, I called him and once again, he came to my home and provided me a new mask that was not carried in the Lincare supply system. What is noteworthy, though is that when I called him and apprised him of the problem, he understood that the issue needed to be corrected quickly… Please pass on my thanks to Bob. He is an outstanding ambassador of Lincare and clearly a super-star.”

CPAP Supplies
"When I think of the most ideal customer service representative I have ever encountered, Tristan immediately comes to mind. How very fortunate you are to have her in your employ! Tristan’s totally polite telephone manner is so rare and welcome these days. Her knowledge, cheerful disposition, and desire to make certain she has answered all questions are wonderful. I can tell that she loves her work and most important of all, values the Lincare clients. She is an excellent representative for your company.”

Midnight Service call 
“Around midnight on a Friday night in May, my husband went to bed and when he turned on his ResMed auto bi-pap machine it was not working properly. I called the answering service and Michelle placed the call to the gentleman on call. He returned the call to us and it resulted in him having to call the nurse on call, Kim. She called and told us she would have to go to the office, get a machine and program it for his prescription. She arrived at the house, set it up and left. When my husband went to use it, he felt that it was not working properly. In calling back to the answering service, she went through the same process and Kim who had returned home called us back. At this point it was nearly 3am. She went back to the office got another machine and brought it to us. Kim took time to get it working and made my husband feel comfortable that he would be able to breathe with the machine. Kim finally left our home about 4:30am. She was pleasant and wanted him to feel confident he would be ok. When my husband apologized for having her come out so late, not once but twice, she smiled and said, ’It’s my job, no need to apologize.’ This level of service is commendable and should be recognized by her supervisor.”


"I was diagnosed with severe COPD back in May 2018… I came home with a tank of Oxygen. Later that day, a Lincare representative Marcia… came with my oxygen machine, emergency tanks and I believe my six pack of tanks and shoulder bag to carry one…. A lot was happening in my world as you could imagine. And she took so much time with me going over everything and answering my questions and calming my fears…. Having COPD has been a life changer for me as it is. But the one thing and the most important to my living is without a doubt my OXYGEN!! The Lincare Team/Adult & Ped Specialist Team has been nothing but helpful, kind, courteous and most respectful to me. I am so truly grateful. Thank you.”

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