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Through the help of our dedicated professionals, we have been able to deliver successful results to patients, caregivers, and prescribers in the form of quality home respiratory care, responsiveness, and clinical experience.

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Improving Patients' Health-Related Quality of Life

At our core is the belief that through patient education and clinical support, we can improve patient compliance with practitioner-prescribed therapies, resulting in a better health-related quality of life.

As a leader in respiratory care, we also take pride in providing our patients with a variety of services, including INR testing, enteral therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation.

It's our mission to provide a comprehensive, superior care plan for all of our patients.

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Enabling Personalized Treatment for All

We understand that every patient is unique and deserves a personalized treatment solution. That's why at Lincare, we evaluate each patient to determine which products and home respiratory care therapies work best in their home – from masks that fit well to safety checks for those on oxygen treatments. And with more than 700+ locations across 48 states, we can serve patients regardless of where they are in the continental United States.

Lincare's reputation is stellar, and it continues to grow. Our vision is to provide all patients with chronic conditions the opportunity to remain engaged in life, with the peace of mind in knowing we're here for them.

Our Commitment

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Lincare delivers the finest in quality, results-driven patient care.
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Every member of our team holds themselves to the highest standards in patient care. 
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We are dedicated to improving the lives of every patient through personalized care.
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We provide one-on-one visits in the safety and comfort of your home.
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Results-Focused Service

Our team's dedication results in quality outcomes for our patients:

95% patient satisfaction. Factors include quality of education, delivery of accurate information, problem resolution, professionalism, and the knowledge of our service representatives.

98% satisfaction with environment of care. Considerations include creating a safe and functional environment, quality of emergency patient services and home care records, and equipment maintained in accordance with manufacturers' guidelines.

100% referral satisfaction. Ranking factors include coordination of home care service, patient progress reports, and the quality of response to patient needs.

Lincare treats almost 2 million patients with 1,300 licensed clinicians in over 700+ centers across the U.S. with quality treatment outcomes and personal empathy. We intend to exceed the expectations of our patients, caregivers, physicians, and staff every day.


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Lincare service has been a critical ‘lifeline’ for my husband in recent years. We thank you for your commitment to us and all Medicare beneficiaries. We hope your commitment continues, now and in the future."

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