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Home INR Testing

For warfarin patients, keeping within a safe PT/INR range can help you avoid the risk of bleeding or stroke. Our Home INR Testing service supplies you with:

  • A testing device
  • All necessary testing supplies
  • Face-to-face training
  • Coordination with Medicare or your private insurance to determine your eligibility for reimbursement
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Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Our cardiac event monitoring devices are designed to quickly and reliably diagnose patients who may be experiencing atrial fibrillation or other asymptomatic events such as bradycardia, tachycardia, and cardiac pauses. Patients are also able to record symptoms. The monitor provides a complete picture of the heart's rhythms before, during, and after each event, and allows your practitioner to determine an effective treatment plan.
CardiacMonitoring WhiteCouple StandingOnBeach PhillipsDigitTrakXTHolterMonitor

Cardiac Holter Monitor

Holter monitors allow practitioners to care for more patients without investing in additional staff or equipment. These devices provide high-quality diagnostic arrhythmia data so caregivers can prescribe treatment accordingly.

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