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Patients living with chronic conditions can find daily tasks to be both physically and mentally taxing. We are creating a patient portal to enable our patients to learn more about managing their conditions. This handy Patient Portal is also an excellent source for keeping up to date on your products/equipment, services, track orders, bill pay, and reordering supplies.

At Lincare, we believe knowledge is power and that the best way to manage a chronic illness is through information. By learning more about your condition, treatment options, and medical advances, you will be able to make better decisions about your overall health.

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A Team That Cares

At Lincare, we make patient care our top priority. Every member of our team shares these common goals:

  • Improve patients' quality of life
  • Exhibit acute awareness and sensitivity to our patients and their needs
  • Deliver care, compassion, and understanding

Providing an excellent patient experience is not the only thing our team shares in common. Each member undergoes extensive training so they can answer your questions and recommend the best possible solutions with complete confidence and expertise.

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Lincare Service Features

At Lincare, we take pride in our continuing commitment to provide patients with the best possible service. Our team of experts take the time to listen to each patient, genuinely understand the patient's needs, and establish a comfortable routine. Other services include:

  • In-home visits by healthcare professionals
  • Full line of quality respiratory, DME equipment and services
  • Training on equipment usage and maintenance

We understand our patients' need for reliable, prompt, and compassionate service and we strive to help every patient live their best quality of life every day.

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Comprehensive Treatment Approach

No two patients are alike – and neither are the care and respiratory solutions they require. That is why we cater to each patient's individual needs. By taking a multi-angle approach, we can better manage the symptoms of most chronic respiratory conditions.

The first step in identifying the right products or therapy is through a patient evaluation. Our highly trained team members take the time to get to know you on a personal level. By understanding your goals and expectations, we can more accurately align you with the best program to help you achieve ultimate success.

The key foundation of many of our treatment plans focuses on patient education and clinical support. By improving patient compliance with prescribed therapies, our patients can achieve a better quality of life. When patients do not meet their goals, it is often because they do not have a proper understanding of their condition.

By taking the guesswork out of the equation, our patients feel more confident in their treatment and the equipment they use on a daily basis. This newfound confidence is often a determining factor in whether a person is able to reclaim the lifestyle they once had.

With more than 700+ locations, Lincare continues to be one of the nation's largest providers of home respiratory care, PT/INR, enteral products, and medical supplies, so patients can receive the care and resources they need.

To learn more about how Lincare can support you or a loved one, contact your local Lincare Center to talk with one of our specialists.

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Our company's success, which is characterized by responsiveness and clinical experience, has been founded on the dedication of our professionals to quality care.

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