Maintain Coverage of Your DME

An important aspect in defining the use of durable medical equipment is that the devices or supplies are intended for "extended or everyday use". From an insurance standpoint, that could mean your DME is only covered by insurance if you use it regularly and as prescribed by your practitioner. Some insurers may require documentation of equipment usage.  So be sure to check with your insurance company first.

Insurers may also require you to submit this documentation as proof you have met the daily and weekly minimums for health insurance coverage. Depending on the device and its features, you may need to record your usage. Other devices may have "smart" capabilities that enable the device supplier to automatically collect your usage data for insurance submission.

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Stay Compliant

In addition to the standard usage requirements, some insurers, including Medicare, require periodic visits to your practitioner to confirm the effectiveness and ongoing necessity of your treatment.

Check with your insurance provider to be sure you understand the eligibility and coverage requirements of your health plan. Failure to comply with your therapy may result in you having to pay for your treatment.

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